Pumping Systems

When we refer to water/fluids transportation, pumping systems are always present whether to supply, capture, circulate or treat.

With regard to pumping systems, we also have the fire dedicated centrals (CBSI), composed of pumps, motors, electrical panels, valves, collectors, deposits and all accessories mounted on a common base.

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In this area, we have IE5 engines (the most efficient in the world) and exemplary dedicated speed variation systems.

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We have the AMA-DRAINER range, a pump that is light and corrosion resistant due to the high-quality plastic used. Regarding the economic operation, the hydraulics and motors are optimised for high flow with good efficiencies.

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With respect to catchment, we have equipment suitable for drinking water and seawater catchment, both maintenance free due to hydrodynamic bearings.

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For applications in HVAC systems, primary circuits/boilers, solar thermal systems, among others. Great savings due to high efficiency technology combined with speed variation and "Eco Mode".

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The CBSI is for the exclusive use of rescue services and must contain all the equipment necessary for it's operation, control and signposting.

The pumping station shall have, at least, main pump(s), a standby pump and one pressure-balancing pump (jockey). The main and standby pumps may be electric, diesel driven or a combination of both.

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