torneira com otimização de consumos

Discover our range of products that allow you to optimize your water consumption.

With a focus on the environment, our mission is to optimise water and energy consumption.

Measure to manage, manage to save.

We promote solutions with high economic return and environmental sustainability. 


Redução do consumo de água a partir de 30%  

 Reduction of energy consumption from 20%  

Return on investment in less than one year​


Saving while maintaining comfort

Greater control over consumption

 Creation of water costs centre


 Reduction of CO2 emissions 

 Reduction of drinking water waste

Greater sustainability

Biocity Air Design Shower

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Biocity Air hand (3 positions) Shower

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Biocity Air hand Shower

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Biocity Air Fix Shower

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Redutor 3/4 - 15Lts/Min Biocity

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